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Aloha, I’m Soul Dancer.

I’m over-the-top THRILLED to announce the NEW, progressive, core-life-changing program. We’ve designed class access to be as easy as dialing a phone or clicking a link.

For more exhaustive details about this program CLICK THIS LINK!  OR – listen to our radio shows below!

I look forward to being of service!


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Soul here – the…

  • Founder of Leave Your Fat Behind
  • Founder of Soul University
  • Author of Pay Me What I’m Worth (a Soul University class).

I’m brimming with excitement!

I  combined both two powerful programs (Leave Your Fat Behind & Pay Me What I’m Worth) into one massive mind-blowing life-changing experience.

To discover if this journey is right for you – first check your gut. Just “feel” (versus think) about what you hear in any of Soul University’s recorded classes. (Hint! Listening to a couple classes is actually how you prepare for our 15 minute no BS intake interview.)

Frankly speaking I decline eight out of ten applicants based on how little they prepare themselves for their pre-screening call. If listening to a couple classes is too much trouble – good to know. You just learned you’re NOT ready for the intensive life-changing experience that awaits you.

For those two out of ten people who make it into class they rapidly discover how we weave experiential learning into powerful weekly team / class connections.

We seek souls who have:

    • unhealthy weight to retire (Yes – retire – versus ‘lose‘ weight. Semantics? Maybe. In class you’ll discover how what you put into your ears influences your health MORE than what you stuff into your mouth!)
    • unhealthy sense of self (regardless of weight) due to unhealthy habits such as:
        • doubting yourself (based on your health, age, ability, appearance, sexual orientation, etc.)
        • feeling guilty about your relationship with food (example:  eating comfort-foods / aka food medication)
        • shaming yourself (or others) based on your health, age, ability, appearance, sexual orientation, etc.
      • worrying all the time about what other people think about you based on the topics noted above.
  • a passion to dive DEEP into two ancient – ultimately life-changing – questions:
    1. Who am I?
    2. Why am I here?

The cost of this program averages $21.00 a day (includes two daily meals + two hours a week for group class time). Frankly – forget about the cost of this program until we green-light your registration application.

Next steps to shift dreams into realities:

FEEL your intuition – follow your gut.

Click to listen to some classes.

Call us at 312-268-0000 to schedule your 15 minute no-pitch, no-BS intake interview.

I look forward to working with you!