Yiassou, I’m Jerry Matiatos.

I am a 43-year-old Licensed Optician blessed to live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I grew up in Arizona, and lived there for most of my life before moving to Honolulu. Before I became an optician I dabbled in various occupations – including being a student. I did not enjoy typical schooling because it felt like I was forced to learn things that were not relevant to what I sensed I needed in life.

This Soul University course is a different kind of schooling. How different? It is very relevant to everything.

The more I explore the two central questions in this class:

1) Who am I?

2) Why am I here?

I will . . .

  • upgrade my time management skills
  • enhance my ability to remain focused
  • learn to balance receiving with giving
  • cultivate healthy, deep, lasting, and amazing friendships

How’s that for relevance!

Aloha, I’m Jewels Constance Williams.

I live in the beautiful state of Hawaii. As a registered nurse I have had both the pleasure and challenges of blending the art of caring and science for all my patients. Nursing has helped me in learning my life lessons, appreciating life even more, and it has challenged me with maintaining my own self-care while giving nursing care to patients during 12-13-hour shift work.

My spiritual awakening path spans over 25 years.  I feel excited about taking this Soul University course. I sense this course is energetically my next step in my spiritual and life evolution. (Funny, I write next step and yet there is an inner knowing within me that the step will be more like a leap or mile instead.)

I feel excited and nervous to learn about (and appreciate more) of the unknown areas of myself that are beginning to bloom open. We all have the opportunity to live life more deeply, more easily, and with more satisfaction and joy. I believe the course exercises and weekly group meetings will set me up to live my purpose more fully and vibrantly.

Hello, I’m David H. Paul.

I’m known as the Follow Your Bliss guy.  I’ve studied, taught and transformed myself thanks to the personal development field for over 20 years.  My experience as a teacher, counselor, trainer, Dad and provider of service to others spans many decades. I’ve studied with many of the household name “guru’s”, like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, and Hail Dwoskin (just to name a few), and here is what I can tell you…

No other course in the self-development industry that I have studied or practiced in 20+ years has ever set the stage for success and massive growth as well as Pay Me What I’m Worth. This is as close as it gets to guaranteed results.

You with discover the “secret” to your success with Pay Me What I’m Worth before we even get to Chapter 1 of our journey. This one secret ingredient sets this course apart from all others. Join us to experience change and transform in all areas of your life.

Please do join us! I can’t wait to learn from you.

Aloha, I’m Soul Dancer.

I’m over-the-top THRILLED to announce the NEW, progressive, core-life-changing program. We’ve designed class access to be as easy as dialing a phone or clicking a link. For those lucky souls who live in Honolulu Hawai’i – we’ll meet in person for a class every week).

For more exhaustive details about this program CLICK THIS LINK!  OR – listen to our radio shows below!

I look forward to being of service!



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