12 For 1 & 1 For 12 Isagenix FAQ.


When I joined Isagenix in 2004, I remember feeling totally overwhelmed by all the information they offer in the back-office.  Between the weekly training calls, monthly local events and personal training calls, I quickly learned  to pace myself!

A decade later, Isagenix’s information library is packed with some of the best training videos, support flyers and business building tools I’ve seen! By posting your question in the comment box below we all get to learn from your question.  Nine times out of ten, the answer (in the form of a reply) will most likely link back to documentation in your Isagenix back office.

Feel free to post your answers / replies based on your sleuthing! Remember, one for all and all for one!


One thought on “12 For 1 & 1 For 12 Isagenix FAQ.

  1. Christina Ervin: Q: Hey does the card we get have a routing/account# so we can transfer to our bank account?

    A: Your “IsaWallet” is linked to your IsaDebit Card. Once you’ve earned a commission, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to set-up bank transfers. A few days later, you’ll receive your IsaDebit card in the mail. More details at IsaWallet.Com

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