Sunday Evening Support Team Conference Calls


 One for all and all for one!

Team support plays a key role in our success to leave our fat behind!

On Sunday evenings let’s gather together to connect, create, celebrate ah-ha’s and oh-no’s as well!

Time: 8 – 9 p.m. Eastern (Click to convert timezones to New York USA / EST time zone..)

Conference call line: (605) 562-3140 / Access Code: 385316#

All calls recorded to:

  •  offer ongoing team support.  Each recording posted right here (the Forum)!  Come back often! Comment often.  Visibility restricted to site members only.)

Invite your support team (family, friends, associates, etc.) to join in if you wish!  The more the merrier!

To prepare for this call, kindly consider:

  • at least ONE personal blog post before the call.  The more we’re up to speed with each other, the more we we can swim in the deep end in these calls.
  • Dialing into the call a few minutes early so we can start the call on time.  To enhance this request, conference call is locked at the :05 minute after start of the call. (On the RARE occasion you KNOW you’ll have to be late (or absent), call (312-268-0000) or email Soul to let him know.
  • To co-create a safe-space to learn, laugh and grow, we’ll follow the same guidelines / ground rules established in the Ground Rules pages of Pay Me What I’m worth …

In gratitude I bow to you all for co-creating a lively, engaging support team!


Soul’s journey to gain and maintain optimal health

First, how about a little personal intro?

Over the past four decades, my blessings include outstanding health as I travel to over 20 countries studying a wide variety of cultures and creeds.  My health today (as I end my 40’s) is quantum leaps above and beyond my health for most my life.  You see, as a former morbidly obese gay man, I survived poor physical health from childhood to my mid 30’s largely due to the gifts of youth and ignorance.    Ignorance of how most western ways of living are actually a prescription for and early grave.  Over-eating, drinking excessive quantities of sugar-laced beverages, little actual water consumption and related practices balloon my body to just under 300 pounds.

One day, after a powerful meditation just before my 33 birthday, I realized I’d be dead in a in a decade if I didn’t radically, dramatically change just about every part of my life.  My family healthy history documented death well before 65 largely due to stroke, heart attacks and related obesity related health issues.  The awakening I received from that meditation inspired me to buckle-down and get real with myself.

Getting real with myself forms the content you’ll discover in the first 13-part series focused on my physical journey. This series offers insights on what I’ve done from a physical standpoint to retire well over 100 pounds.

Next, we’ll dive into the emotional pool to swim the waters of our minds for a few months.  As we take a swim together (me posting, you reading and commenting) you’ll experience how I enjoy a sense of mental stability that supports my ability to live as a monk with two suitcases of material possessions to my name.

As we conclude our dive into the emotional depths of my journey, I’ll knock on your spiritual door.  Based on what I’ve come to know from my travels and studies, we’ll explore a wide variety of spiritual practices featuring ways to permanently release what no longer serves you as well as invite energy into our lives to enjoy abundance in all healthy ways.

Throughout these posts, I invite you into this journey together – with you –  to advance your awakening process with ease and grace. Click to email me when you’re ready to retire unhealthy habits, weight and stress – once and for all! If you’re curious about what else I do, feel free to connect any time! Call me at 312-268-0000.

I bow in gratitude for your time, interest and feedback.  To share your comments on our spam-free site, I invite you to become a subscriber.  Click to subscribe today.  The more support I receive, the more support I freely offer.


12 For 1 & 1 For 12 Isagenix FAQ.


When I joined Isagenix in 2004, I remember feeling totally overwhelmed by all the information they offer in the back-office.  Between the weekly training calls, monthly local events and personal training calls, I quickly learned  to pace myself!

A decade later, Isagenix’s information library is packed with some of the best training videos, support flyers and business building tools I’ve seen! By posting your question in the comment box below we all get to learn from your question.  Nine times out of ten, the answer (in the form of a reply) will most likely link back to documentation in your Isagenix back office.

Feel free to post your answers / replies based on your sleuthing! Remember, one for all and all for one!