Soul’s Physical Health Journey Part 5 of 13: Gotta get walking.


I clearly remember the first morning I walked away from being morbidly obese. I actually got up early to go for a walk. I realized back then my finances didn’t allow the luxury of a gym membership!  Who needs a membership to anything to just simply walk!

Fortunately, I enjoyed the ability to walk out my front door, and within 10 minutes be walking in miles of ongoing, uninterrupted beach.  (One of San Diego’s perks is its miles upon miles of beaches!)  That first day, I managed to walk about two miles. Given the amount of sweat pouring out of me, you’d think I had run a marathon. I didn’t mind!  I proudly wiggled out of my sweats with a sense of glee unlike ever before.  I felt a sense of wind beneath my wings that morning.  I could sense my soul applauding me for getting off my lazy butt to start a process I’ve come to LOVE without question.

loveTo inspire myself to savor my walking routine, I decided to create games to polish my observations skills.  Each day, I’d pick something from my dream time to watch for while walking shortly after pulling the covers off.  One morning, I recalled a most profound dream about being loved.  Loved in ways I didn’t clearly understand (intellectually) but knew I KNEW at some soul level.  I’ll never forget the walk that followed this dream. I recall this walk whenever the illusion that I’m somehow NOT loved bubbles up.

To set the stage for this walk, you need to know this walk happened months after I started my morning walking routine. I walked the same route every day at almost the same time every day.  While my route and time remained fairly consistent, weather and tide variations always mixed things up a bit.  One morning, I encountered May gray (a common seasonal weather event in San Diego – especially during the month of May) with high tides.  May gray combined with high tides challenged my determination to even get out of bed!  It’s cold.  It’s windy.  It’s cloudy.  Not the most inspiring weather to walk in.

On this May gray morning, as I walked past one particular cliff (a cliff I’ve walked past dozens of times), with the help of a momentary ray of sunlight, my eye caught a shimmering Valentines-day-sort of heart twinkling on the face of the cliff.  When I turned around to confirm what I thought I saw, the heart was gone.  (So was the sunlight.) For just a second, I though I entered the twilight zone!  I KNOW I saw a heart-shaped symbol shimming on that cliff wall!  I decided to back up and look again.  In the time it took me to back up and walk back to where I first saw (what I thought I had seen), the sun appeared for split second.  In that second, the sunlight light-up some kind of transparent paint (much like Elmer’s glue, it’s white when you use it, it’s clear when it dries).  Someone had painted a big ol’ heart on the side of the cliff in a medium that appeared only when the sunlight hit it in just the right angle at the right time.

What a magical moment, to say the least.  I looked for signs of being loved that morning. I got it BIG time! In that moment, I cemented my resolve to continue walking no matter the weather, place or time.  This resolution resulted in retiring my first 40 pounds in less than two months! Granted, walking is one part of my program.  Increased consumption of purified water also plays a BIG role in helping the rolls around my middle to disappear.  More on the benefits of drinking ample amounts of clean, fresh water coming up!  Check out my next post!!

In the meantime, whatever your excuse is for not getting out for at least 30 minutes a day for a brisk, refreshing walk, kindly consider dissolving that excuse! For those living in the concrete jungle (big cities) I bet there’s an enclosed mall not too far away.  Forget the shopping and focus on how many times you can walk around the entire mall and still see something NEW each time.  I know of high-rise dwellers who purposely walk the stairs every day for exercise.

Of course, common sense is the key here.  Listen to your body.  Be gentle.  Consult your health care provider if you have questions about how much walking you should do when first starting out.  I’ve a hunch your body will tell you how much is too much – quickly!  Allow your body plenty of rest on this program as well.  We’ll review the power of rest in an upcoming post as well!

Now – get those walking shoes on and get busy! Post your walking ah-ha stories as well!

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Soul’s Physical Health Journey Part 4 of 13: Preparing – home routines


To achieve almost 300 pounds over 30 years, I have to admit, my home life evolved around convenience!  It had too!  I was too tired most the time to do anything more than deal with the bare-essentials of living.  While I somehow managed to keep a (what some say – neurotically) clean home, I failed miserably at keeping myself clean – internally that is.  (I’ll explain more about internal cleansing in a future post – hang on!  We’ll get there!)

Time to dive into a before / after review of my home life as it relates to my desire to gain, then maintain a healthy body, mind and soul!  I’ll define my “before” period as a time of extreme expense in money, health, relationships and respect.  My “after” period is how I live NOW based on almost seven years of enjoying better health than most of my life!

trustBefore / money:  cost of pre-packaged foods didn’t phase me. I shopped the frozen-foods isle with glee! My time was more valuable than money. I shopped with a ‘three-step’ food rule for decades.  Step one:  buy it.  Step two:  open it.  Step three:  eat it.  (I guess you’d add one step more, “Step four:  throw away lots of packaging.)  What I didn’t know at the time was how nutritionally bankrupt and toxic this food really is!  I was always hungry, so no wonder I bought and ate so much of it.  In the long run, it bankrupted my health to such a degree I faced Type 2 Diabetes.

Before / health: medicate stress with food.  That was my home motto!  If life sucked, then it’s time to suck down something yummy, decadent and momentarily fulfilling. You never know when death decides to knock on the door.  Better to have another delightful treat before that knock!  Right?  (What I didn’t want to face was how I sent out an invite for that knock with every spoonful of midnight delight I enjoyed for years!)

Before / relationships:  my previous post (02/15) talked about how my professional relationships revolved around eating and drinking.  This applied to all my relationships actually.  To say I spent more than some small countries gross national revenues on dining out is NO JOKE!  Yes, it costs me lots of money.  I thought I had to spend that type of money to create and maintain the types of relationships I needed to live.  Nasty cycle to say the least! I’m glad that cycle is O.V.E.R! I’ve no doubts the amount of dining out (most often – at buffets) contributed significantly to my waist line.  It certainly laid waste my finances!

Before / respect:  As my girth grew, my mirth about my girth grew.  I laughed at anyone who expressed any concern about my health. My standard response to anyone wanting me to get more healthy was, “I’m happy, thanks.  Which do you want more for me, happiness or health?”  Talk about arrogance!  WOW!  Looking back, I not only had little respect for others, but even less for those who cared for me.  I guess it’s true we tend to hurt most the ones we love most.

Now, time to look at my home life – today . . .

Money:  I have to confess.  I still enjoy the convenience of pre-packaged food. While I do have two more steps in my food-rule, they take less than a minute each! What’s changed is what I consume.  I eat Isagenix more often than not. Yes, it’s pre-packed.  Yes, the packaging is recyclable. Now, I’m no longer hungry all the time. My meals are so packed with nutrition it feeds my body at deeper levels. Excessive snacking / eating is completely unnecessary. My program also helps me maintain a healthy life in more ways than I have time to share in this post.  Next, I’ve cut my grocery budget in half!  My cost per meal, to include taxes, shipping along with a wide variety of add-ons (supplements, greens, fruits, etc.) is less than $5.00 a meal.  I don’t need to drive to a store to shop. I order online. My order is delivered in less than three days with standard ground shipping costs.  I save on gas, utilities, and waste.  (More often than not, if I was adventurous enough to purchase produce in my “before” stage, that produce often turned to science projects well before I ate it!  Tossing out spoiled food is the same as tossing money into the garbage can.  Go throw a $5.00 bill in the street and walk away the next time you throw out spoiled food!)

Health:  I often chuckle when folks look at my before/after pic.  When I ask people to guess my age when I show them my picture featuring me at 33 years old, they often guess 50’s and 60’s.  I enjoy more naturally created energy now than I had in my 20’s.  I receive glowing compliments on my skin whenever I meet a cosmetologist, esthetician or similar skin care professional. These professionals don’t believe me when I tell them I ‘don’t use product’ on my skin.  They don’t believe how a daily shake for breakfast actually improves my largest body organ, my skin.  I just smile and change the topic.

changeRelationships:  if I could monetize how I feel about my current circle of family, friends, colleagues, students and clients, I’d be a multi-trazillionaire hands-down!  Over the past few years, not only have I dissolved over 100 pounds, physically, I think I’ve dissolved 100 TONS emotionally by allowing myself to stop judging myself and others on all sorts of ways.  No matter who you are, you’re perfect in my eyes.  No need to fix or change anyone.  Allowing folks to be who they are with no need to judge or fix them allows me to respect them more and I can express in words.

Respect:  as my pounds dissolved, I discovered an entire new world of respect for myself.  As each year passes with continued good health, if I’m ever tempted to awaken old home-life habits, I realize I would not only disrespect myself, but everyone I hold near and dear as well.  It’s much easier to bypass the frozen-foods section when I tap into the love, care and happiness I savor by respecting my health, each and every day.

Yes, my home life has changed considerably over the past decade. What ever time savings I thought I earned by eating all that prepackaged food was later spent at a gym.  My desire to daily practice the notion that everyone is perfect, inspires me to admire people who they are and what they wish to become.  Before, I focused on who they HAVE BEEN or what they haven’t accomplished.  Over all, my home life changed from reminiscing about the past or daydreaming about the future t.  (Now, where have you heard THAT before!) Many of the shows you’ll find here on Create Your Health inspires a ‘real-time’ appreciation for who you are right now!  Be sure to click around this site to uncover ways to spend money wisely, improve your health, daily, foster and savor healthy relationships with a new level of respect unlike you’ve ever dreamed of!

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Soul’s Physical Health Journey Part 3 of 13: Preparing – professional relationships.


Do you work in an office of some type?  If you’re self-employed – this applies to you too!  How about all you net-workers out there?  Are you constantly going to social events where you stuff your face with those yummy appetizers not paying attention to the little extra inch that happens a few days later?

Over my professional career, I ballooned to almost 300 pounds, one cocktail party, one networking event at a time.  Events with a buffet always got my RSVP!  (Hey! Food at that time always got my attention!)  While at the event with a buffet, I’d make sure “I got my money’s worth” even if I didn’t pay a dime to attend!)  Buffets are a GREAT social networking tool.  I’d often ask, “Hey- can I get you something” as I warmed-up a potential new client relationship.  I often found myself doing business with those who say, “Ya!  Bring me . . .” and learned to not bother with folks who said “No, thanks!  I’m good!”  (Can we say judgmental here?” LOL)

soWhen the time came that I realized I needed to dramatically change my eating and drinking habits, I new I was in for a difficult time.  Why?  Just about every client I had enjoyed eating and drinking – often to excess.  This was our way of bonding.  I feared loosing clients if I rocked the boat.  It wasn’t until I faced what could have been a life-long love affair with Diabetes, did I wake-up to realize I may need to risk it all!  Now!

So, to help foster in a new way of socializing, I asked my normal drinking and eating clients if they’d mind doing something a little different in a few months.  I told them I’m making changes in my life then, and because I value their friendship, I’d like their help.

WOW!  That really boosted our connection!  Most folks were flattered that I asked them to “come along for the ride.”  When the time came to make adjustments, we first phased out all alcohol.  We then moved to eating at places known to be more healthy.  Finally, we decided to replace eating and drinking meetings with walking and talking activities (weather permitting of course!)  What a DELIGHTFUL change that was!  Our connections grew even stronger!

While it may take a some creativity and persistence to accomplish similar steps in your social circles, it’s well worth the time and effort.  As I talk about in my book, “Pay Me What I’m Worth” in chapter five, social networking is an art form.  Do it well, and your life becomes magical.  Do it poorly, and life rapidly becomes filled with more drama than you’d ever wish for.  For me, drama often invites the desire to medicate with food.   I steer clear of such drama these days.

Now, here’s a challenge for you!  At the office or while out socializing / networking, keep a refillable water bottle nearby or in your hand!  Why?  Well, we’ll talk about that in more detail in a future post.  For now, I invite you to experience the magic of drinking enough purified water on a regular basis!  It works in many ways!

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