Soul’s Physical Health Journey Part 6 of 13: Water – who knew?



Over the course of four decades, I shudder to think how many pounds of sugar I drank!  According to a University of Nebraska study, I drank at LEAST 65 pounds of sugar a year for at least 20 years. How?  I know I drank at least one can of soda, daily, for decades.  What’s even MORE frightening is the word LEAST!  Do you know how much sugar is in alcohol! (If you do, I don’t want to know!)  So, simple math informs me that while I thought I was quenching my thirst, I consumed a minimum of 1300 pounds of sugar (20 years X 65 pounds).

waterHow much sugar do you drink in a day (let alone EAT in a day)?

Here’s a few points to ponder regarding the art of body hydration.

1) Only water (better yet, purified water) hydrates us.  Anything else BUT plain old water uses water as we digest whatever it is as drank.  Kindly note:  do NOT use bottled water.  Click here to learn about how our bottle water addiction is killing our planet.

2) Teas, coffees, sodas, alcohol, natural juices, you name it – while initially might feel like a thirst quencher, it isn’t.

3) Tap water in most cities is NOT the best source of water for your health, especially digestive health.  More and more studies report how municipal filtering systems are not equipped to filter out a plethora of pharmaceutical contaminants. Click this link to learn more about many other issues concerning tap water.

4) Purified water is the BEST way to help our bodies rid itself of toxins. How toxic are you?  If you don’t drink at least one eight-ounce glass of water an hour for most waking hours, it’s likely you’d benefit from a professionally recommended, all-nature detox program like mine.

I retired over 100 pounds in less than a year with the help of a refillable water bottle at my side – always! Please do your body (and our planet) a HUGE favor.  Get and use a refillable water bottle every day.  Your body thanks you!  Your planet thanks you!

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Soul’s Physical Health Journey Part 13 of 13: Old image – subtle sabotage.



Over the past 12 posts, I’ve shared a few insights on my success of retiring over 115 pounds (back in 2005).  This final post for this series is also a bridge to our next 13 part adventure featuring what I experienced mentally / emotionally as I witnessed less of me more often.  The bridge we’re about to cross connects two lands.

  1. The old land, my old image that while it seems far away now, once in a while, it feels like a moment ago.
  2. The new land, my current healthy self, sometimes seems foreign when I flash back to ‘the old country.’

One of the more memorable acts I enjoy recalling are the ‘end of the month, get rid of it’ days I created as I retired (on average) 30 pounds each month.  Yes, yes, for some that amount of weight release in that amount of time may seem a bit much.  Rest assured, not only was my body TOTALLY ready to let it go, I could FEEL my health come back on line each and every day.  (I digress, sorry!)

sparkleAt the end of each month, I’d try on every stitch of clothing I had.  If it was too big, it got tossed into the release pile.  I have to admit, while this was GREAT fun, it also involved some sorrow and a few tears.  Tears flowed as I remembered how some pieces were gifts from very dear friends.  How COULD I toss out such a gift. (Couldn’t I get it altered?  Often times, when I tried to have something altered, the results were less than optimal.) Besides, I looked DAMN GOOD in that back in the fat-old-days!  Such reminiscing IS a form of subtle sabotage.  Love, relationships and desire to feel loved are powerful emotions.  These emotions sometimes drown out my healthier inner voice leaving me to listen to external voices who say, “You looked so GREAT back then!  Now, you’re looking rather thin, don’t cha think?”  (Read this post to understand the importance of that last sentence.)

As the old clothes found new homes (often consignment shops to earn back some $$ to afford new stuff), I enjoyed, at times, a bit of a shopping spree. With 20/20 hindsight, I now see how I sabotaged myself with overspending on new clothes!  How?  I wasn’t at goal weight when I bought all that new stuff! (Sort of like the opposite of buying clothes for child! They say kids out-grow their clothes so quickly sometimes, the clothes barely get worn!)  For me, after about four months, I quickly discovered I spent WAY too much money on new, nice-fitting (for the moment) clothes.  (I wish I had the nerve to return things.  After wearing them more than twice, ethically, I just can’t bring myself to return something.) Part of my sadness of having to buy yet MORE new clothes resulted in a desire to STOP retiring weight!  Why?  I wanted to ‘get my money’s worth’ out of those clothes!  WRONG!  Had to bite the bullet and just wear really baggy clothes for a while!!

While there’s oceans of old-image sabotage stories to share, I highly encourage everyone to allow those stories to fade much like a pair of blue jeans after a few bleach washes.  Keeping such stories alive (by retelling them) is, yes, you guessed it!  Subtle sabotage.

As I wrap up this first series, please know I bow in gratitude for your time and interest.  Kindly do leave your comments below.  And by all means, I’d enjoy working with you should you (or someone you know) need support in gaining then maintaining a healthy weight.  For more details about my program, click this link.

And now!  Get ready for a 13 part series featuring a swim in the emotional pond!  Over the next few weeks, you’ll swim from the shallow to the deep end as I share insights on what I experienced emotionally as I retired over 115 pounds.  Stay tuned!  Click to connect directly if you’d like! Your comments and direct emails are GREAT no-calorie treats for my soul!

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Soul’s Physical Health Journey Part 5 of 13: Gotta get walking.


I clearly remember the first morning I walked away from being morbidly obese. I actually got up early to go for a walk. I realized back then my finances didn’t allow the luxury of a gym membership!  Who needs a membership to anything to just simply walk!

Fortunately, I enjoyed the ability to walk out my front door, and within 10 minutes be walking in miles of ongoing, uninterrupted beach.  (One of San Diego’s perks is its miles upon miles of beaches!)  That first day, I managed to walk about two miles. Given the amount of sweat pouring out of me, you’d think I had run a marathon. I didn’t mind!  I proudly wiggled out of my sweats with a sense of glee unlike ever before.  I felt a sense of wind beneath my wings that morning.  I could sense my soul applauding me for getting off my lazy butt to start a process I’ve come to LOVE without question.

loveTo inspire myself to savor my walking routine, I decided to create games to polish my observations skills.  Each day, I’d pick something from my dream time to watch for while walking shortly after pulling the covers off.  One morning, I recalled a most profound dream about being loved.  Loved in ways I didn’t clearly understand (intellectually) but knew I KNEW at some soul level.  I’ll never forget the walk that followed this dream. I recall this walk whenever the illusion that I’m somehow NOT loved bubbles up.

To set the stage for this walk, you need to know this walk happened months after I started my morning walking routine. I walked the same route every day at almost the same time every day.  While my route and time remained fairly consistent, weather and tide variations always mixed things up a bit.  One morning, I encountered May gray (a common seasonal weather event in San Diego – especially during the month of May) with high tides.  May gray combined with high tides challenged my determination to even get out of bed!  It’s cold.  It’s windy.  It’s cloudy.  Not the most inspiring weather to walk in.

On this May gray morning, as I walked past one particular cliff (a cliff I’ve walked past dozens of times), with the help of a momentary ray of sunlight, my eye caught a shimmering Valentines-day-sort of heart twinkling on the face of the cliff.  When I turned around to confirm what I thought I saw, the heart was gone.  (So was the sunlight.) For just a second, I though I entered the twilight zone!  I KNOW I saw a heart-shaped symbol shimming on that cliff wall!  I decided to back up and look again.  In the time it took me to back up and walk back to where I first saw (what I thought I had seen), the sun appeared for split second.  In that second, the sunlight light-up some kind of transparent paint (much like Elmer’s glue, it’s white when you use it, it’s clear when it dries).  Someone had painted a big ol’ heart on the side of the cliff in a medium that appeared only when the sunlight hit it in just the right angle at the right time.

What a magical moment, to say the least.  I looked for signs of being loved that morning. I got it BIG time! In that moment, I cemented my resolve to continue walking no matter the weather, place or time.  This resolution resulted in retiring my first 40 pounds in less than two months! Granted, walking is one part of my program.  Increased consumption of purified water also plays a BIG role in helping the rolls around my middle to disappear.  More on the benefits of drinking ample amounts of clean, fresh water coming up!  Check out my next post!!

In the meantime, whatever your excuse is for not getting out for at least 30 minutes a day for a brisk, refreshing walk, kindly consider dissolving that excuse! For those living in the concrete jungle (big cities) I bet there’s an enclosed mall not too far away.  Forget the shopping and focus on how many times you can walk around the entire mall and still see something NEW each time.  I know of high-rise dwellers who purposely walk the stairs every day for exercise.

Of course, common sense is the key here.  Listen to your body.  Be gentle.  Consult your health care provider if you have questions about how much walking you should do when first starting out.  I’ve a hunch your body will tell you how much is too much – quickly!  Allow your body plenty of rest on this program as well.  We’ll review the power of rest in an upcoming post as well!

Now – get those walking shoes on and get busy! Post your walking ah-ha stories as well!

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