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Each support call


We offer this optional nutritional cleansing program.

Cost: $495

5 phone-based coaching sessions (30 minutes per call).

  • Call Topics:
    • Setting healthy intentions.
    • Dissolving cravings.
    • Evolving poor habits into rich routines.
    • Creating healthy food relationships.
    • Gain & maintain supportive people relationships.

Your nutrition and cleansing program includes:


To register:

  • Email or call Souldancer toll free 888-332-2976 to discuss when you wish to start your program. (Plan one week in advance to adequately prepare yourself as well as receive all your program materials.)

  • Before you register, we need to explore:
    • health goals
    • long-term vision
    • current level of health
    • what medications (if any) you take
    • past cleansing experiences (if any)
    • what flavor you like best - vanilla or chocolate (nutrition program comes in two flavors!)

Payment information:

  • $300.00 payment required at registration time. Full payment 30 days before event start date.
  • Refunds: 100% refund if you cancel within 30 days of starting your program. 50% refund if cancelled within 15 days of starting your program. NO refunds if you cancel within 14 days (two weeks) of starting your program.